I love this picture, the metaphor of the flower blossoming against the harshness of the world around us, kind of like how I am choosing to look at the world of the therapist right now.  We may be in a period of uncertainty, but rest assured when we come out of this we will need to be in full bloom to help heal a nation of people traumatised by what has happened.

In my own personal practice as a homeopath I have been treating patients who have flu and cold-type symptoms, but the most popular symptom I’m dealing with right now is anxiety.  The whole world is anxious about a whole plethora of things from food shortages and poverty, to missing family and loved ones, to not knowing how to fill their time.  As we know this can hugely impact their physical state and will manifest as symptoms for months or years to come.  I’m expecting to see a huge upturn in my business with stress-induced ailments and emotional suppression and whilst I don’t wish that on anyone, I want them to know that I am ready with my toolkit to help support their return to health and wellbeing.

The way I see it is that as therapists of any sort, whether that be one based in medicine, talk or touch therapy, we need to be ready for that swathe of people who, come lockdown being lifted, pick up the phone to dial who they think is going to help remedy their situation.  (My husband and I have already earmarked the services of one therapist based on over-exertion doing DIY!)  However, let’s be realistic.  There are going to be many therapists desperate to receive that call.  So how can you be the one to stand out, to shine, to offer hope?

* Make sure your marketing strategies are current, up to date and have correct contact information.

* Be recognised in your local area as the one to go to for your therapy

* Keep in touch with your clients during this period, offering them sound advice and information.

* Look after yourself and stay well during this time, so that you have the resilience to get back to work with dynamism once you can.

My Phoenix Rising Programme launches week beginning 20th April and is going to be a great way for you to share ideas and strategies with like-minded, dynamic therapists who want to improve their resilience.