Get yourself unstuck post Covid-19 in my group coaching programme. Please get in touch......

Get yourself unstuck post Covid-19 in my group coaching programme.

Understanding how you work

Being a therapist or healer is a calling.  You are on a mission to heal others and improve lives.  You have the passion to make your business work, but do you have the resilience?  I have built this programme out of a decade of experience in both being a homeopath, healer and a life coach.  I know how challenging this journey can be.

Working from the heart

Your journey began with your own experience with your chosen therapy.  You have the passion because you know what you do works.  You have put blood, sweat and tears in to building your business, but somehow that just isn’t enough and you need support.  

Being a good businessperson

Self-employment isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Giving to your clients leaves little time to run the type of operation you had dreamt of, but you know you need to work at this stuff.  If only you could find the support to get you and your business where you want it to be.  Working with a holistic life coach is your answer.

From Therapist to Clinic Owner

If you have big visions for your clinic you need someone outside of the practice to help exchange ideas and get innovative with before you launch to a team of therapists.  I can help you with this.

Phoenix Rising Programme –  next cohort starts 4th May 2021

12 week programme group coaching programme to build a resilient therapy business, with guest speakers.  Transform your business by the summer!

“Jo has propelled me into a future I only ever had dreams of; along with the bells and whistles I couldn’t have imagined for myself. That’s just my business. What she has done for me is switched the way I look at myself. Not only do I now recognise the skills I have but much further: I also now respect those skills to the extent that I see them as expertise”, Priya, Massage Therapist.





Benefits of the group coaching experience

Work as part of a group

I love group energy, especially at a time like this.  We can get stuck in our own stuff and when we don’t know something, we just don’t know it!  So imagine how it would feel to be held and supported by other therapists just like you who inspire you to think about things in completely different ways you never even considered.

Be among those who get where you're coming from

So you want to give up the day job and move into therapies full-time?  You had a health crisis which is why you retrained? You’re a really sensitive person and feel things deeply – bet you someone else in the group feels the same way…….

Feel supported by your peers

Want to moot ideas in a safe space?  Test the waters amongst a group of people who are on your wavelength who will give you genuine, honest feedback?  You will be required to reciprocate, but then that’s half the fun! 

Phoenix Rising Programme

Get your therapy business ready for a relaunch!

2020 and 2021  – should we call them a disaster – No, let’s call it a time for reflection.  But can make sure that you implement changes to make now the start of better times!  I get where you’ve been; stuck at home in lockdown, no work, your kids needed home schooling, leaving little time to think about your therapy business.

You worked damned hard to set that up.  Studying alongside being a parent wasn’t easy.  Setting up a business wasn’t easy.  You didn’t mind because you had the passion and the belief that what you were doing was to make the world a better place.  But maybe you wonder if it is all worth it?

So come on, how many people have you helped in your healing work?  Tens, hundreds I bet.

Were they grateful for your healing?  You bet they were. And sure as hell do they need your help now after a Global Pandemic!  You see you are special, maybe a little deflated by this year, but hold on because I’ve got you.

I help therapists build practices that can weather the storm and let me tell you that storm was fierce.  But you wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t believe that you can get your therapy business up and running again, perhaps you just wonder how I managed to keep afloat?

I can absolutely tell you straight that this is because I put the systems in place for both my own resilience and that of my business.

I’m talking about robust communication methods, frequent social media engagement, face to face conversations that give me the space to talk about my passion.  It all takes effort, and sometimes we need to keep on going when we are running on empty.  This all takes resilience.

I love therapists.  I’ve never met such a warm, exciting, passionate bunch of people who believe that anything is solvable.  I’ve met hundreds of our lot, you see they are my tribe.  I’ve worked in a few multi-disciplinary clinics and I spent a few years working for a global wellbeing company coaching and training therapists in wellbeing.  I’ve pretty much heard of every sort of therapy going.  What I love is that a sharing of ideas, energy and tips has really helped me be more creative about my passion.  And I want that passion to be a central part of your business too.

So I’ve created an 12 week programme for you to work on.  We will have a weekly group webinar.  I’ll be sending out resources to get you to implement changes in how you’ve been doing things. We will talk about social media, basic strategies for success, how to put yourself out there and all the time you will be supported and held by a fabulous group of therapists. And let’s be honest here , we will also talk money and how to boost your income and make the cost of this course back.

So we will shake it up, get creative and hold up our hands up with what doesn’t work.  We will celebrate what does and then we are going to go out and heal a nation of very needy people coming out of a pandemic crisis and you will be more Resilient in the process!

Are you in?  Schedule a Discovery Call if you want to chat ….


 “I greatly appreciated my sessions with Jo. She helped me to explore and develop my ideas as well as identify areas that kept me stuck. It was really helpful and effective for me to have clear tasks to follow up on each week . To have manageable goals created a great sense of possibility and that my plans are achievable. I have progressed some planned projects and was surprised that new unexpected ones came about too. I loved the balance between structure and freedom in the sessions and would highly recommend Jo to anyone seeking coaching support.” 


Art Therapist

By helping me achieve a self focused still point during every one of my coaching sessions, Jo’s support went way beyond my expectations. Her professional, intuitive and flexible approach grounded some of the issues we looked at and helped release others. The process included looking backwards and forwards while still staying present to my chosen topic each week. Connections were made that I had not previously realised. Amazing -thank you.

Mary Anne

 “Jo’s coaching skills helped me to start setting up my own business after I had been frozen by fear for many months. She has a knack for shining the spotlight on underlying issues and for helping to overcome them. Each session left me feeling energized and clear about what I needed to do next. I’m well on my way now and will definitely be using Jo’s services again in the future.” 


Amanae Practitioner

Do you run a Complementary Health Clinic?

Want to talk through your vision?

Has your clinic become just a little bit stale?  Same old therapists, stuck in a rut?  Do you want to bring in some wow factor and move with the times?

Do you wish your therapists were just a little bit more creative?

Let’s talk, discuss some of your ideas and then come up with a strategy to get  your clinic to where you want it to be.  I run 1:1, group sessions and bespoke coaching programmes for therapists of all sorts.

Give me a call and let’s innovate!

All it takes is one step in the right direction and your business can be the talk of the town!  

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