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Hi, I’m Jo Permaul

Coach for Therapists & Healers

I am on a mission to help you build the therapy practice of your dreams and you deserve it!  Supporting and nurturing clients through a pandemic has been immense, possibly leaving very little time to explore new ideas.    I believe that therapists, healers, spiritual workers and wellbeing practitioners like you hold amazing talents and gifts.  I have walked the path too and it’s full of twists and turns; let’s explore this adventure together.

But first, what does it even mean to be a Resilient Therapist?  Take a look at this definition in my blog post.


Group Coaching

Imagine how it would feel to be held and supported by other therapists just like you who inspire you to think outside the box, creatively and imaginatively, allowing you to embrace your authentic self. Find out more about my group coaching programmes

1:1 Coaching and Support

Let’s work together, dedicating  attention to both you and your heart-centred work.  I will help get you unstuck whether that be inside the therapy room or out of it!

Coaching for Therapists, Healers and heart-centred wellbeing practitioners as featured in ….

Understanding how you work

Being a therapist or healer is a calling.  You are on a mission to heal others and improve lives.  You have the passion to make your business work, but do you have the resilience?  I have built this programme out of a decade of experience in both being a homeopath, intuitive healer and a life coach.  I know how challenging this journey can be.

Working from the heart

Your journey began with your own experience with your chosen therapy.  You have the passion because you know what you do works.  You have put blood, sweat and tears in to building your business, but somehow that just isn’t enough and you need support.

Being a good businessperson

Self-employment isn’t always easy.  Giving to your clients can leave little time to run the type of operation you had dreamed of, but you know you need to work at this stuff.  Here you can find the support to get you and your business where you want it to be.  Working with a coach who has experienced your dilemmas is your answer.

From Therapist to Clinic Owner

If you have big visions for your clinic you need someone outside of the practice to help exchange ideas and get innovative with before you launch to a team of therapists.  I can help you with this.


“I greatly appreciated my sessions with Jo. She helped me to explore and develop my ideas as well as identify areas that kept me stuck. It was really helpful and effective for me to have clear tasks to follow up on each week . To have manageable goals created a great sense of possibility and that my plans are achievable. I have progressed some planned projects and was surprised that new unexpected ones came about too. I loved the balance between structure and freedom in the sessions and would highly recommend Jo to anyone seeking coaching support.”

Art Therapist

“By helping me achieve a self focused still point during every one of my coaching sessions, Jo’s support went way beyond my expectations. Her professional, intuitive and flexible approach grounded some of the issues we looked at and helped release others. The process included looking backwards and forwards while still staying present to my chosen topic each week. Connections were made that I had not previously realised. Amazing -thank you.”
Mary Anne, Homeopath and Crystal Healer

“Jo’s coaching skills helped me to start setting up my own business after I had been frozen by fear for many months. She has a knack for shining the spotlight on underlying issues and for helping to overcome them. Each session left me feeling energized and clear about what I needed to do next. I’m well on my way now and will definitely be using Jo’s services again in the future.”

Amanae Practitioner

About Jo

Jo has worked as a Homeopath, life coach and intuitive reader in various clinics in east London over the past 10 years.  In that time she has learnt a lot about running a heart-centred, spiritually-focused practice and is now ready to coach you to have the business you deserve.

Jo runs workshops, does 1:1 and group coaching and has a great balance of being both spiritually aware yet grounded and practical, integrating deep wisdom  alongside common-sense and pragmatism.   Jo is passionate about raising the awareness of natural health and therapies and has run a successful media campaign Project Heal The Nation, which featured in Uspire.



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